Fast growing manufacturers of Batteries in India – Husky Batteries now Powering the Road: launching the Automotive Lead-Acid Batteries.

• Our batteries have low self-discharge.
• Lead calcium alloy is used in our batteries and we provide no gassing technology.
• Husky batteries have high reserve capacity and high Cold Cranking Current (CCA).
• They are maintenance free along with vibration proof.
• It cooperates with vehicle’s Aerodynamic and can tolerate heat.
• It is leakage free as we use Lead Calcium Alloy in it in place of Antimony alloy.
• Our aim is to provide you a battery which does not need any topping up during the warranty period.
• Husky offers you Corrosion resistance battery.
• We offer automotive batteries which are widely used in vehicles known for their reliability, cost-effectiveness and having ability to provide high cranking currents for engine starting.
• Good performance at extreme temperatures -40 to +70%
• Advanced technology
• Durable, stable, reliable performance,
• Our product bears a mark of quality and high in performance, high efficiency and sustainable future for the automotive batteries.
• Uncompromised quality; Uncompromised performance